With focus on innovative and smart designs, we utilize our engineering, design, and development expertise, making cost-effective solutions designed for deep water installations. All our designs are built with high quality components and materials. Included is full traceability to certificates and records.

ELFO Jumper System

Configurable Pressure Balanced Oil Filled (PBOF) hose system for electrical and optical applications

G2M® Fiber Penetrator

Glass-To-Metal Fiber Feed-throughs/Penetrators

Cable End Module (CEM)

Umbilical cable termination unit with distribution to optical / electrical jumpers

Abandonment Cap

Configurable umbilical cable end termination for fiber optical applications

Optical Cable Termination

Configurable fiber umbilical cable termination for fiber optical applications

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The G2M Fiber Penetrator

The G2M Fiber Penetrator is used in various industries, including subsea, electronics, aerospace, automotive, and for medical devices. This is a specialized type of seal that joins glass and metal together for a waterproof and pressure-tight barrier.

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5 years of ELFO

We celebrate our 5th anniversary in October. Since 2018 we’ve grown, collaborated with major companies, and introduced new products. Read about our journey and exciting prospects ahead.

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