We deliver services for all stages, bringing your ideas and needs ready for subsea installation. We wish to ensure our customers’ success with their projects and offer services through our exceptional team of engineers and technicians. In us, as a company, you will have a flexible and innovative supplier of services – and partner on site.


Built to spec and built to print production

EPC Prosjects

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects

Research and Development

Feasibility studies, concept designs and improvement proposals for new or existing systems

Design verification and qualification

Prototyping, performance verification and environmental qualification

Modification and upgrades

Fast track modifications and upgrades

Repair and refurbishment

Repair and refurbishment of jumpers and subsea equipment

Field Service

Installation and commissioning on your site

Success Stories

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The G2M Fiber Penetrator

The G2M Fiber Penetrator is used in various industries, including subsea, electronics, aerospace, automotive, and for medical devices. This is a specialized type of seal that joins glass and metal together for a waterproof and pressure-tight barrier.

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5 years of ELFO

We celebrate our 5th anniversary in October. Since 2018 we’ve grown, collaborated with major companies, and introduced new products. Read about our journey and exciting prospects ahead.

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