Optical Cable Termination (OCT)

ELFO Optical Cable Termination function as a splice box unit in between umbilical fiber optical cable(s) and Fiber optical wet-mate connector(s). The OCT is installed to the umbilical cable before deployment and is mechanically secured to the cable armoring and seals the optical fiber cables elements. Multiple configurations for termination to various cables and optical fibers can be delivered based on existing design. The product can be delivered with one to multiple connectors.

Optical Cable Termination (OCT)

ELFO jumper system for optical and electrical distribution of power and communication subsea. Multiple configurations for connections to various connectors, instruments and equipment. System is based on field proven technology with dual barriers to seawater, and is seen as the industry standard for Subsea distribution products all over the world.

Technical Description

The ELFO OCT is based on a modular design divided in 2 main subassemblies.
The 1 atmospheric pressure compartment and the oil filled pressure balanced compartment.

As a barrier between those compartments ELFO Fiber penetrator(s) are located to separate the two different environments.

1 atmospheric compartment
This compartment consist of OCT cable inlet including components for strain relief and sealing elements to the cable, Fiber management tray for coiling overlength of fiber from the cable and penetrator(s) and hoisting fusion splices (single or ribbon) performed to connect fibers from the cable to the penetrator(s).

Oil filled compartment
The oil filled compartment is the volume inbetween the presurized side of the fiber penetrator and the fiber optical connector(s). The fiber connectors are normally connected to the OCT by a hose. In this compartment would it also be fiber management tray for coiling overlength of fiber from the penetrator(s) and fiber connector(s) and hoisting fusion splices (single or ribbon) performed to connect fibers from the the penetrator(s) to the fiber connectors.

All components are produced in high quality materials with full traceability to certificates. Before start of production a cable verification test will be performed to verify all interfaces to the umbilical cable. As standard this includes testing of tension and torque forces the product is designed to withstand. All sealing barriers are leak tested and hyperbaric testing is performed to design pressure x safety factor. Optical performance shall be verified before and after testing.

During production and commissioning all sealing interfaces will be leak tested. Before installation all fiber terminations will be tested in accordance to your specific requirements.

Why choose ELFO?

With a configurable product based on standard components we can configure, build, test and deliver most OCTs on short notice. With the modular design we can do major parts of the assembly, internal termination work and testing inhouse. Our philosophy is to do the fiber splicing and handling in a controlled environment inhouse, and limit the work required on site.

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